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About Us

Utek Material Co.,Ltd.

Utek Material has always focused on the field of nanomaterials, providing the most efficient and affordable process and analysis equipment.

Mainly manages extremely cost-effective AFM, Vacuum Mixer, Active and passive isolation table, Sputter coater, Nanoindenter, White Light Focusing surface profiler (Profilometer), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Ellipsometer, special consumables such as (AFM probe, Target), etc.,
We listen to customers' voices with heart and always willing to share and exchange opinions, provide the best quality products and the most immediate after-sales service at the most realistic price.

The company upholds the customer as the starting point, is committed to solving customer problems, and adheres to the three principles,
1. Listen and communication
2. Integrity cooperation
3. Attentive service

Customer first, courage to innovate and solve problems, this is our mission and the driving force for growth!
Let Utek Material Co., Ltd. Material experts always give you more technical assistance for the laboratory!