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Active Isolation Table
Active Isolation Table
Main feature:
1. Made in Germany, world's No.1 leading brand.
2. Only three buttons, the operation interface is simple and intuitive, and you can quickly get started
3. The original manufacturer provides a two-year warranty
4. Six degrees of freedom active isolation
5. No air compressor, only power supply
6. 0.5mS (0.0005 seconds) instantaneous reaction force to counteract vibration

Electronic active and rapid filtering low frequency to high frequency vibration

Brand: Accurion
Model: i4 series, Nano series

The laboratory or sound room is full of vibration sources from all directions, but do not know how to effectively suppress and deal with it?
Have a million-level measurement equipment or sound system, but there is no good anti-shock system to allow it to achieve the ultimate performance it deserves?
"Active Isolation Table"
Germany Accurion i4 & Nano series
Nearly 20 years of research and development capabilities
High-performance, cost-effective, user-friendly intuitive operation experience,
To help you combat vibrations of various frequencies and directions, and return to the perfect performance that equipment should have!
Return to the most real touch.


Halcyonics_i4系列-主動隔振-Accurion  Halcyonics_i4 Series Accurion


The signal collected by its sensitive vibration detector is analyzed by the electronic circuit driving the electric actuator. These electric actuators will immediately generate a reaction force to compensate for the vibration. The active damping system will not produce resonance at any frequency and will not be amplified. vibration.


Actual measurement of anti-shock effect:
The figure below is the AFM observation result of the 1nm nanometer material. The picture on the lower right shows the sample contour is clearer after the active anti-shock is turned on.


Company background:
Accurion was formed in 2009 by the merger of Halcyonics, a company specializing in the production of active vibration reduction products, and Nanofilm, a company specializing in precision imaging. Among them, Halcyonics has been a professional manufacturer of active vibration reduction since 1996. Launched in 2009 is the new Halcyonics i4 platform, replacing the previous Silencer model. In addition to the i4 series, Accurion is also launching the lightweight and compact Nano series in 2008. The lightest Nano 20 model weighs only 5.6 kg.

Application examples:
AFM (Atomic Force Microscope), Conjugate Focus Microscope, Ellipsometer, Optical 3D Microscope, Laser Scanning Microscope, Fluorescence Microscope, Raman Microscope, Nano Indenter, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), Profiler, Vinyl Turntables, etc.