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1. America's No. 1 brand, excellent quality
2. High measurement stability and reproducibility
3. Standard probe, needle tip (ROC) 6nm, thinner than its brand
4. Numerous styles and wide application

Brand: American AppNano

Model: Many styles, please refer to the attachment and link information
  • AppNano silicon probes are manufactured out of prime grade, low resistivity (0.01- 0.025 Ω-cm), n-type antimony doped, single crystal silicon.
  • Our well-established silicon technologies combined with novel micro-fabrication processes achieve consistent high quality monolithic probes with  unprecedented tip sharpness.
  • We have many standard silicon probe series designed for a wide variety of applications that are compatible with most AFM equipment in the market





  • July 2014:  Applied Nanostructures Inc. (AppNano), is now the proud recipient of 2014 R&D 100 Award in recognition for the release of its revolutionary VertiSense™ Scanning Thermal Microscopy module for scanning probe microscopes. Regarded by many as the “Oscars of Innovation”, the R&D 100 Awards acknowledges recognizes the best new products across industry, academia and government-sponsored research. 
  • The significance of this technological breakthrough in scanning thermal microscopy is further endorsed with the VertiSenseTM Thermal  module being judged one of the ten best microscopy innovations in 2014 Microscopy Today Innovation Award competition.


The Development Team:

Applied Nanostructure Inc.’s VertiSense™ Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module development team

Text Box:

(left to right): Jeremy Goeckertiz, Ami Chand and Gary Aden.


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