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1. World-class Japanese brand, quality No.1
2. High measurement stability and reproducibility
3. High wear resistance and long life

Brand: Olympus

Model: Many styles, please refer to the attachment and link information

 The ideally vertical side walls of the chip have two remarkable features
1) Ease in chip handling
Vertical side walls provide larger contact area to grab the chip by tweezers compared with conventional trapezoidal chip cross section. You can grab the chip by tweezers with stability, and avoid the loss of chip by bungled handling. The “New Concept Chip” can save your chip cost.
2) Eliminate problems with chipping and debris

Product features
Category of OLYMPUS micro cantilevers

1. Silicon cantilever for AC mode
    TipView Design : for exact probe positioning
    New Concept Chip : easy to handle with tweezers
    Low Resistive Silicon : for anti-electrostatic charge

2. Silicon Nitride cantilever
    Superior Durability and Small Spring Constant
    Suitable for Contact mode and AC mode in water

3. Cantilever for Biological Sample Measurements in Water
    Nanoscale Measurement
    Force Curve Measurement
    Observing Dynamic Behavior of Bio Sample in water

New Concept Chip

New Concept Chip Type3



Chipping and debris of silicon chip would interrupt excitation of the chip by PZT when they are inserted between chip holder and chip. Vertical side walls can reduce the chipping and debris of silicon chip when grabbing the chip by tweezers.


The tip is located on the very end of the cantilever. This feature allows you to set the tip over a point of interest on the sample, easily and precisely,

if you use an AFM combined with an optical microscope.

Technical Specifications

Measurement example

Measurement example (1) 50nm difference on wafer

10×10µm 3D image                                              10×10µm cross-section analysis

Measurement example (2) wafer bump

10×10µm 3D image                                               10×10µm Surface roughness analysis

Measurement example (3) IC pattern hall

4×4µm 3D image                       4×4µm cross-section analysis