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Piezoelectric displacement platform
Piezoelectric displacement platform
Main feature:
1. Ultra-high resolution, high-speed instant feedback,
2. High reliability and reproducibility
3. High resonance frequency
4. Excellent structural rigidity, providing system stability


The OME piezo positioning stage with piezo drives offer high precision positioning in nanometer resolution. The position is measured by an encoder to ensure repeatability and nanometer resolution. Besides, high-precision cross-roller guides are applied for guaranteeing the high guiding accuracy and stiffness.


Linear stage
​The inductive piezo linear stage offers 4 kinds of travel range which are 20, 28, 36, and 44 mm. The maximum loading is up to 4 kg with 37 nm typical resolution.​

Vertical stage
​The inductive piezo vertical stage offers 1 kind of travel range which is 10 mm. The maximum loading is 150 g with 37 nm typical resolution.
Compact XY stage
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Piezo controller
The inductive piezo controller, which is only compatible with the inductive piezo stage, provides the axis quantity from 1 to 3. The D-sub (DB9) connectors are applied for signal communication and control.​


Inductive series
Use inductive sensing elements as the core of position information feedback. While providing practical positioning resolution, it has a more compact volume, more excellent environmental tolerance and very competitive prices. This product is suitable for various applications that require precise positioning and micro-nano motion control and can be used in general vacuum environments.



Linear stage

The inductive piezoelectric linear stage provides 4 different motion strokes, respectively 20, 28, 36 and 44 millimeters (mm), with a maximum load of 4 kilograms (kg) and a resolution of 37 nanometers (nm).


Vertical platform

The inductive piezoelectric vertical platform provides a motion range of 10 millimeters (mm), a maximum load of 150 grams (g) and a resolution of 37 nanometers (nm)