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Teaching/Basic AFM
Teaching/Basic AFM
Main feature:
1. Easily and quickly obtain nanometer surface features
2. Intuitive operation and quick start
3. The world's smallest and powerful
4. The most affordable and best nano measurement tool
5. Taiwan design and manufacture, local service, quality assurance.

Provide three-dimensional surface morphology images, including surface roughness, particle size, height difference and spacing

Brand: OME
Model: CrabiAFM-E (entry type), CrabiAFM-A (education type)

The world's lightest, hand-held AFM, providing a brand new choice for physics education and basic nano research!
Powerful performance, exquisite and solid structural design are also a combination of technology and art,


"A huge revolution in the popularization of nanometer measurement is ready to start!"


Side view of the machine, easily replace samples with the upper flip cover

Quickly disassemble the probe base design

Institutional design

Technical Specifications

Test Results:


TGQ1 Standard sample  



Standard sample  

Nano Particles

Experimental and teaching status