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Teaching/Basic STM
Teaching/Basic STM
Main feature:
1. Easily and quickly obtain nanometer surface features
2. Intuitive operation and quick start
3. The most economical and best nano measurement tool

Provide three-dimensional surface morphology images, including surface roughness, particle size, height difference and spacing

Brand: FSM
Model: FM-STM

Want to find a nano measurement device that can be used for research and teaching within a limited budget,
It can be so simple!
The most efficient and affordable STM provides a brand new choice for physics education and basic nano research!
It will also set off a huge wave of popularization of nano measurement!

1. Miniaturized and detachable design --- the use of space is flexible, easy to carry and classroom teaching
2. The probe base and the sample stage (scanner) are integrated into one body-the scanning stability is higher
3. The single axis drives the sample to automatically approach the probe vertically-accurately positioning the scanning area so that the needle tip is perpendicular to the sample scan
4. Motor controlled pressurized electric ceramic automatic needle down mode --- protect probe and sample
5. Side CCD observation system --- Instantly observe the state of the needle under the probe and locate the sample scanning area
6. Spring suspension anti-vibration system --- simple and practical, desktop space saving and excellent effect

Technical Specifications

Equipment Specifications
1. Working mode: constant high mode, constant current mode
2. Sample size: Φ≤90mm, H≤20mm
3. Scanning range: 1000nm in XY direction, 200nm in Z direction
4. Resolution: 0.05nm to XY, 0.01nm to Z
5. Sample moving range: 0~13mm
6. Optical magnification: 4X/optical resolution: 2.5um
7. Scanning speed: 0.6Hz~4.34Hz
8. Scanning angle: 0~360°
9. Scanning control: XY uses 18-bit D/A, Z uses 16-bit D/A
10. Data sampling: 14-bit A/D, dual 16-bit A/D
11. Feedback method: DSP digital feedback
12. Feedback sampling rate: 64KHz
13. Operating environment: WindowsXP/7/8/10 operating system