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Soft Material Nano Indenter
Soft Material Nano Indenter
Main feature:
1. Easily and quickly obtain the mechanical value of nano
2. Intuitive operation and quick start
3. The smallest indenter in the world
4. Soft substances and liquid biological samples are particularly suitable
5. Special optical fiber probe design cooperates with interferometer for fast and accurate measurement.

Provide measurement of mechanical properties of materials, including Young's modulus, viscoelasticity, etc.

Brand: Netherlands Optics11
Model: Piuma

  Easily explore the mechanical properties of soft substances and Bio-materials


Learning technology and outstanding micro-machining process, Piuma Nano Indenter can measure the sample with the softest Young's modulus, ranging from 5Pa to 5GPa!
Piuma is also very suitable for testing samples in liquids. Its operation is very simple and easy to learn. Just insert the probe into the instrument, and after simple positioning, you can start the indentation experiment immediately.


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"The Piuma opened a new world for us."

"We now are able to perform measurements on very low stiffness tissues, with a precision that allows us to study embryos. Colleagues are impressed and come with other challenges that the Piuma easily meets."

Prof. dr. ir. Theo Smit
Dept. Orthopedic Surgery, VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"I am currently writing a paper with the Piuma"

"Our data are good, but the machine is excellent!"

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner E. G. Müller
Institut für Physiologische Chemie, Universitat Mainz, Germany

"Powerful, reliable, and use-friendly"

"The Piuma is a very powerful, reliable, and use-friendly instrument to assess the mechanical properties of both living tissue (eg. tissue explants) and in vitro developing engineered tissue. Furthermore, due to the possibility to perform non-destructive mechanical testing, I found PIUMA a very powerful instrument to follow-up mechanical properties of growing in-vitro tissues, giving the possibility to study tissue evolution over culture time."

Francesco Urciuolo, PhD
Research Technologist at Instituto Italiano Tecnologia, Napli, Italy


Technical Specifications
The Piuma Nanoindenter technology provides accurate and precise measurements of micro-mechanical properties of soft samples, both in-air or liquid. These unique capabilities are enabled by the Optics11 Life patented micro-machined fiber-optic sensors.
This indentation instrument uses this sensor to gently push a spherical glass tip on the surface of the sample. By closely monitoring the resulting sample deformation, the Piuma Nanoindenter can rapidly provide all mechanical details of the indented spot.
In addition, all Optics11 Life probes are pre-calibrated making them plug-and-play design which streamlines experiments. This ensures fast measurements which is critical for time-sensitive biology-related experiments. Last, being small and portable yet powerful, the Piuma nanoindenter will fit any lab. Measuring the micro-mechanical properties of biomaterials has never been easier.