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Sputter coater
Sputter coater
The device is coated with a thin layer of conductive metal on the surface of the material to enhance the conductivity and flatness of the material, which can also inhibit the oxidation of the material. It can also be used as an application for material processing before electron microscopy.

Brand: KYKY
Model: SBC-12

Main feature:
1. Easy to operate, fast to get started
2. High stability and safety
3. Research unit designation preferred
4. Cost-effective
5. Global annual sales >200 units
Technical Specifications

Glass processing chamber : ∮100mm; 130mm High.

Specimen stage size : ∮40mm( Hold 6 specimen cups)

Gold size : ∮57mm

Vacuum detection : Pirani gage

Vacuum protection :20 pa with microscale inflation valve

Medium Gas :Argon or air with argon gas special air inlet and gas regulating in microscale.

Voltage : 220V

Sputtering target: Gold, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, Aluminum, etc.. If you have special needs, please confirm with us.


Taiwan representative customers: Taiwan Normal University, Taipei University


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