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Nanoview AFM operation video
CrabiAFM Installation and Operation
CrabiAFM Software overview
Principle and characteristics of planetary defoaming mixer
Planetary defoaming mixer dispersion and defoaming effect
Accurion vibration test (i4 previous model Silencer)
Accurion Active Vibration Isolation---i4
Isolating a House of Cards by Accurion
Isolating a Water Surface by Accurion
Vibration Isolation | An introduction to Minus K Technology's negative-stiffness isolators
Installation Active Vibration Isolation System i4
Turntable Vibration Isolation | Doehmann Helix 1 with Minus K inside
Ken Fritz' Custom Built Minus K Turntable Vibration Isolation Platform
Minus K BM-1 by Steve Clarke The Analog Dept